Enhance Customer Service Levels 
* Reduce order fulfillment time 
* Service fill in type of orders 
* Provide value added services such as special ticketing, labeling, packaging 
* Send ASN for outbound consignments through EDI 
* Select shipment mode, carrier and shipment dates based on customer specific requirements 
* Provide enhanced order tracking capabilities 
* Process returns faster 

Improve Resource Utilization 
* Manage human resources, equipment, space, docks in an efficient, integrated manner based on business rules and constraints 
* Respond in real-time in reassigning resources to cater to rapidly changing requirements 
* Reduce time spent in managing mundane operational issues without loosing control or productivity Reduce Operating Costs 
* Reduce operating costs without lowering customer service levels 
* Manage greater operational complexity without increasing costs
* Perform Value-Added Services before Distribution 
* Provide customized kitting and packaging services by customer 
* Provide special ticketing, labeling, consolidation, quality control and shipment functions based on customer specific requirements 

Rapidly Respond to Changing Business Needs 
* Reassign resources and tasks easily to meet rapidly changing business requirements 
* Respond in real-time without loosing productivity, increasing costs or lowering customer service 
* Re-deploy resources in real-time to meet last minute, customer demands 
* Reassign tasks to optimize packaging and shipment operations 

Operate in a Global Environment 
* Increase visibility to plan receipts for inbound goods from multiple global locations 
* Maintain inventory visibility and reporting capability to operate free trade zone warehouses 
* Reduce costs and delays while operating in multiple global source and destination environment 
* Manage country specific source requirements on outbound consignments 
* Provide relevant documentation for inbound and outbound consignments 
* Integrate with Enterprise and Extended Enterprise 
* Integrate with multiple third party systems within and outside the enterprise to enable supply chain visibility information visibility and   

Leverage Technology 
* Use bar code and radio frequency technology to enhance accuracy, speed and support on-line, real-time inventory 
* Manage various material handling equipment in conjunction with other tasks to optimize operations 
* Leverage distributed computing technology to manage multiple sites and remote locations 
Distribution Best Practices Supported by Stat9 WMS Utility. Stat9 WMS Utility supports several best practices that are energizing distribution operations of companies that operate in a high volume, pick-pack-ship environment. 

Vendor Compliance 
Stat9 WMS Utility facilitates companies to comply with customer specific order fulfillment requirements. It directs operators to perform a sequence of tasks based on customer specific business rules. It recommends specific packaging, labeling, special ticketing, and other value-added operations for each customer order. It supports customer specific shipping requirements such as customer appointments, carrier selection, economic shipment loads and day of week shipments. It leverages bar code, radio frequency, EDI and modern material handling technologies to provide rapid and accurate order fulfillment operations.