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EDI Support for Inbound and Outbound 
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enables companies to obtain advanced information on shipments made by their vendors and manufacturing units. This information is used to plan the receipt process and make it more efficient. Similarly, it facilitates intimation of shipment information to customers. This results in better customer service. Distribution operations must support EDI both on the inbound and outbound operations. Stat9 WMS Utility supports the usage of EDI in warehousing and distribution operations, enhancing efficiency and customer service. 

Pooled Distribution 
Pooled distribution is changing the economics of transportation for companies that have customers grouped within specific geographic regions. Substantial cost reductions are obtained by combining consignments destined for such locations into one full truckload. Stat9 WMS Utility integrates load planning and transportation planning capabilities to provide a new level of process optimization, resulting in lower costs and enhanced efficiency. 

Advanced Task Management 
Sophisticated task management involves maximizing the utilization of warehouse resources in real-time, as demands change rapidly. Avoiding dead heading, facilitating task interleaving, matching equipment capacities with specific SKUs, managing equipment reach constraints with regard to locations and operator-work area-task restrictions are key practices that enhance productivity. Stat9 WMS Utility has a very sophisticated task manager that enables such processes.

Perpetual Inventory Control - Flexible SKU or location-based cycle counting process enhance inventory accuracy and reduces the need to shut down operations for physical inventory counting. This practice of perpetual inventory control results in enormous cost savings. Stat9 WMS Utility enables companies to define rules for automating and controlling the cycle count process. 

Free Trade Zones 
Operating foreign (free) trade zone warehouses results in improvement of cash flows and reduction in paperwork. Companies can comply with reporting requirements of the customs and work more efficiently. Stat9 WMS Utility supports the operation of free trade zone warehouses, providing inventory visibility and reporting as per customs requirements. 

Country of Origin Tracking 
Global companies source and distribute products on a worldwide basis. The advent of special trade agreements and barriers has placed increased demands on the distribution process. Distribution centers must ensure that countries of origin requirements are met while fulfilling orders globally. Stat9 WMS Utility tracks goods by country of origin and allocates inventory for picking, based on customer-location specific rules. 

The Distribution and fulfilment of today have changed beyond recognition from those of just a few years ago. Now it is the large, sophisticated, twenty-four hour, lights-out DC that is becoming commonplace across industries. Such centers require advanced information technology and flexible software systems, from companies that understand distribution, in order to run. That software is Stat9 Advanced Warehouse & Operations Management. We call it simply Stat9 WMS Service, part of Stat9 Enterprise, the world’s most advanced software application suite for Distribution and Wholesale.

Stat9 WMS Service manages warehouse processes and operations, such as:
Inbound: Reception, Put-away, Quality Control;
Storage: Inventory Management, Replenishment, Counting (inline, offline);
Light assembly: Work Order Scheduling, Material Issue, Time Registration;
Outbound: Picking, Packing, Consolidation, Loading;
Dock & Yard Management;
Advanced functions such as Crossdocking, Inline VAL, Kitting, JIT, Sequencing, Reverse Logistics, Assembly.