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With the increasing need for global expansion, it is no surprise that our clients are looking for an easier way to obtain custom e-learning that can stretch across the globe. E-learning naturally helps in situations where distance learning needs to take place because it allows for complete flexibility. With technology advancing in power, size, and ease of use, e-learning is a very viable and efficient mode of learning for the modern worker. People are more saavy with technology, allowing e-learning to grow to the size it has. With applications on the web, organizations have complex, non system e-learning needs. There are few limitations when you begin to transfer knowledge through the web. Stat9 Technologies designs courses with the end in mind and assures knowledge is transferred. Stat9 Technologies can take a blended approach in creating a solution that is tailored to fit your company's look and feel.

Stat9 Technologies works with many clients that struggle with training multiple locations and multiple languages. Large businesses and universities end up battling with these logistical challenges.  Using our e-Learning solutions, these barriers will no longer be a problem.  Our knowledge that our experienced e-learning consultants have gained puts us in front of the competition when it comes to online training. E-learning consultants create training with the look and feel that is consistent with your culture. With their experience, the consultants are able to design courses with hands-on learning, and bring interactivity to the online classroom experience. With additions like icebreakers, group activities, and assessments, our e-learning courses can both entertain and engage the end-users. By making the participants more comfortable, it results promotes web tool usage. Our business and academic clients looking to reach a broad and expansive set of end users benefit from the custom e-learning development with painless translation.

Stat9 Technologies is keeping pace with the changing world of higher education. Our client’s academic offerings can span a broad range of fields and include the following degrees:


  • Masters
  • Doctoral
  • Professional (Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Law)

In institutions of higher education, administrative staff throughout the university's departments hold the responsibility of performing accounting and finance-related functions. With a large, decentralized learner group that can continually change, the finance divisions need a web-based training solution that was easily accessible, consistent, and readily available to all learners regardless of their location. With easy access and a strong learning culture, e-learning can have some of the highest adoption rates in learning initiatives.

In addition to our e-learning development, an extensive library of Job Aids and Reference Guides can be created to supplement the web-based training courses and provide learners with critical procedural and policy information.