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As the size of distribution resource management projects grow, wholesale distributors must avoid project implementation slowdowns caused by:

  • Poor integration with other internal applications and data
  • Poor quality control of customer- and partner-supplied data
  • System outages caused by data handling issues

Stat9 Supply Chain Integration software:

  • Replicates and converts data between most known databases
  • Maps, tests and manages external data sources from trading partners and customers
  • Reads, creates and converts text data from XML, MS Excel or any other format
  • Creates SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) solutions with web services
  • Automates and optimizes business processes and routines
  • Facilitates stakeholder communication, collaboration and process synchronization
  • Secures all forms of communication and protects your vital data

The Benefits

  • Faster ERP and SCM project implementations
  • Full integration with external data sources, including over the Internet
  • High quality data assurance across every business process
  • Much lower system downtime

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