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ILOG Supply Chain Optimization offers decision support solutions for supply chain management. Our supply chain optimization applications are designed to complement and enhance existing investments in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and advanced planning and scheduling (APS) solutions.

These applications help companies make better decisions faster, addressing:

  • global supply chain design, network optimization and sourcing strategies
  • inventory optimization to help you set and maintain the best inventory levels as well as the optimal flow for inventory distribution
  • vehicle routing and route planning
  • production planning and detailed scheduling

ILOG technologies offer travel and transportation companies the ability to increase competitiveness, safety and environmental impact by improving both customer service and operations at a lower cost.

Optimized planning, scheduling, routing and timetabling to improve operations performances:

  • Reduce operational costs by better usage of resources with long term to short term planning and scheduling
  • Improve reactivity by faster and better re-allocation of resources in case of service disturbance or disruption
  • Improve quality of service by increasing punctuality and availability of material and staff
  • Boost employee satisfaction with well balanced staff schedules, better compliance to regulations and use of flexible regulations
  • Improve productivity, quality, flexibility and reactivity of planning agents with dedicated decision support tools
  • Adjust price to demand and availability to increase revenue and margins

ILOG Optimization technology supports better decision-making to address these challenges faced today by all transportation modes:

  • Staff, crew and drivers scheduling and planning
  • Fleet planning, scheduling, routing and assignment
  • Timetabling
  • Asset and maintenance scheduling
  • Airport resources allocation
  • Container terminal resources allocation
  • Container positioning and repositioning
  • Yield and revenue management

Carriers, distributors, manufacturers, shippers, and logistics service providers achieve essential goals with IBM ILOG-based solutions:

  • Reduce supply chain costs by optimizing and executing complex order fulfillment processes
  • Improve operational efficiency by integrating order fulfillment operations with inventory and planning optimization
  • Improve customer experience by fulfilling more perfect orders in the demand chain

Companies can tap into the power of IBM’s intelligent technology to significantly improve operational efficiency in key areas:

  • Planning and scheduling
  • Order fulfillment
  • Automating manually intensive processes