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Sterling Commerce customers face a breadth of integration challenges. These include driving enterprises and B2B integration through a single solution, handling EDI and XML side-by-side, and integrating order retrieval and processing. In order to reflect this broad range of integration challenges, Gentran Integration Suite has been renamed to Sterling Integrator. Our market-leading EDI solution, Gentran Server, will not be affected by this change.

Sterling Integrator continues to provide world-class integration capabilities, allowing you to:

  • Tie together applications, processes, data, and people, both inside and outside your immediate organization
  • Enable incremental implementation through flexible options for deployment, configuration, and customization
  • Provide a robust and flexible security infrastructure
  • Include innovative graphical tools for creating, deploying, and monitoring business process work flows, system activities, and trading partner activities
  • Provide visibility into the flow of information spanning business processes, and internal and external organizational borders
  • Work with existing business and communication standards; designed to rapidly support emerging standards
  • Create interoperable multi-enterprise business processes on a long-term, sustainable service-oriented architecture (SOA)