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We know the importance of having access to HR information 24/7. We also understand that as an employee you may experience personal changes during the course of your employment and sometimes these changes require updates to your payroll and/or benefit information. To help we have created the pages in this section for you reference. You will find easy access to resources and tools commonely needed by employees. In case you are unable to find the information needed, or need any further assistance, please send an email to info@stat9.com and the team will revert at the earliest.  
Employee Forms E-verify participation/enrollment notification
I9 Form E-Verify Participation Poster - English Version
W4 Form
E-Verify Participation Poster - Spanish Version
Leave Application Form Right to Work Poster - English Version
Right to Work Poster - Spanish Version
Payroll Forms
Payroll Document Form
EFT Form
Insurance Enrollment Form