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This largest used media seller on Internet needed a Intelligent Receiver System so unworthy product does not enter the selling stream.
Intelligent receiving system increased the productivity massively and reduced throughput delays enormously.

Client: Largest Used Media Seller in North America.

Business Need: Client is a largest used book seller on the Internet in North America with offices and receiving warehouses spanning almost every part of USA and Canada. receives used book product and other raw material from various Thrifts and vendors across the world. But, to be really profitable and successful, Client should be able to decide which receivable product should be sold on Internet appropriately. There is no way for Client to accept all the raw material in to their warehouse. They needed a way to identify if a book is really worth to enter in to their warehouse. But, the problem was how we can decide optimally to accept a book or not. So, Client decided to develop Intelligent Receiving system (IRS) to cut huge costs of receiving unworthy product in to their selling stream.

Solution: Client found that it can solve its business problems by developing an Intelligent Receiving system using .NET Web Services and SQL Server technologies. Client asked STAT9 Technologies If we can develop a proprietary solution for them based on .NET 2.0 windows application with rich and a promising user interface that’s easy to access and maintain. IRS was designed, developed and deployed by KCS. Line scanners began using this new IRS system which will make various on-demand web service calls to determine if a product is worthy enough to be shelved in Client warehouse. If not, the system simply rejects the intake of this item. Microsoft’s .NET framework has been really helpful to Client because of its supreme UI controls and other code abstraction abilities. Communication with various web services over SOAP is highly robust and reliable with .NET technologies.

With this new Intelligent Receiving system, Client experienced the following benefits which changed the way Client does business today.
• Intake of highly efficient raw material that had the ability to provide maximum revenue to Client.
• Substantial reduction in shelving costs.
• Highly reduced maintenance costs of legacy systems.
• Drastically decreased the database space needed to store every item in the warehouse.
• Finally, the users of this new system were really impressed at the performance or throughput of this application.
“STAT9 Technologies improved critical business processes for us with their expertise and readily available solutions when we really needed the help. Now we use STAT9 Technologies every day to round out our software development and system integration needs.” - Michael ( Chief Information Officer )