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This Major Gas distributor in North America needed to replace it's old and unsupported system with a new breed of Microsoft.NET technologies to be efficient in energy delivery to it's customer's.

Client : Major Gas Pipe Distributor in North America

Business Need: Client provides natural gas and related energy products in a safe, efficient, and dependable manner. It is organized around two core businesses-pipelines and exploration and production. It owns North America’s largest interstate natural gas pipeline system-approximately 42,000 miles-transporting more than a quarter of the natural gas consumed in the country each day. Client’s current Pipeline Transportation System was built using Vision Jade (Versata offers a complete IDE for Java programming of GUI) which is no longer supported by the vendor. Therefore, the company wanted to upgrade to a new vendor supported computer technologies and turned to Microsoft .NET and Visual Studio .NET to replace an application built with Jade.

Solution: The project has involved two major phases. In the first phase we had designed a development environment that would permit all IT and business transformation work to be undertaken in a standardized and consistent way. In the second phase we implemented different modules for the application. All new applications interface with existing legacy systems with little to no modification of those systems. With the new web-based application a lot of problems that existed with the legacy application were resolved. This new application allows customers to conduct business with the client over the web which increased the client’s customer service capabilities and productivity of customer service department tremendously.

Benefits of the new application:
• Reduce exposure to unsupported software/hardware.
• Reduce difficulties to maintain operating systems at patched levels.
• Incorporate software that allows us to take advantage of new Web enabling and enhancing technologies.
• Reduce our dependence on finding programming staff with outdated skill sets.
• Build a common platform and core business system that will support eastern pipelines.
• Provide consistent presentation, look and feel for Eastern Pipelines to the customer base.
• Enable faster implementation of new or enhanced services.
• Make use of commonalities in business functions to standardize procedures where appropriate and make use of best practices.
• Enhance customer flexibility and functionality.
• Create a more consistent and efficient regulatory and SOX compliance environment.