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Vasu Kollipara


Diju Raha (key advisor)

Mr. Raha is a publicly acclaimed leader in global business, having initiated Nortel Networks' major international expansion in knowledge work. He conceived and led Nortel's program to outsource Research & Development to India in 1989, and was instrumental in expanding this capability over the following decade. At Nortel, Mr. Raha served as Vice President for International Research and Development, establishing business operations in India, China, Russia, and Brazil. Mr. Raha was credited with jump-starting the Indian IT technology boom and was named "India's Catalyst" by the Ottawa Citizen.

Amalendu Chatterjee (key advisor)

A Nortel and Fujitsu alumnus, Dr. Chatterjee did pioneering work in the area of packet networks, ISDN, digital switching, ATM, and wireless technology. He brings over 25 years of particular expertise and specific knowledge in the information technology and telecommunications field. He was Director, Global R&D for Fujitsu and has published technical papers on current technical topics.